Travelling Tips

Many of us love travelling. However, travelling with a baby or child (of any age really, but in particular from baby till age 6 or so) can be challenging to say the least. Below are some tips on how to make it a little less stressful.

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  • Bring changes of clothes not just for your baby, but also for you and your husband. It is amazing how much explosives can come out in all directions and you never know when or how many times. I have sometimes gone through a change of tops twice on a long-haul journey! My daughter had to change outfits three times on our first flight to New York when she was 5 months old.
  • Pack extra things in your hand luggage in case of delays. Not just nappies, but extra formula, food – anything in case of delays or luggage getting lost.
  • I used to pack the baby monitor (don’t have it anymore) in my hand luggage and also the thermometer, calpol etc in my hand luggage.


  • In my handluggage I also have different little bags for us all with our various extras. These bags by Ow-Travel are great for being organised. Click HERE.



  • For your checked in luggage, split the packing up so that should a suitcase get lost, you don’t end up losing everything for one person.
  • Always have a sling with you as it is likely you will need to walk that aisle a lot with your baby and having a sling makes it so much easier. You might not always get to bring the buggy all the way to the gate, or sometimes when you disembark, you might have to collect the buggy with the rest of the luggage or at the bulky/outsized luggage area.


IMG_4974 2.jpg

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  • Always expect the worst and you might actually find that it is much easier than expected.
  • For take off and landing, it is great for the baby to nurse or drink from a bottle in order to help them with the pressure change pain.
  • My mantra is: I will never see these people again! It is good to repeat as you are bound to have some flights that are just unbearable (your child is unwell or unhappy and screaming the flight down (has happened so many times to us), they don’t want to do what you want them to do etc.