Au-pairs, Babysitters, Childminders, Nannies & More

I always get many questions about nannies, nanny shares, babysitters, au-pairs, childminders and so on. Here are just a few of the most commonly asked questions. Please scroll down for agencies, babysitting companies and more.

Please note that NW8-mums cannot be held responsible should you not be happy with any person or company listed here. NW8-mums does not act as an agent for any company either.

  • Are agencies the only way to find a nanny?
  • Is an agency the best way to find a nanny?
  • How does a nanny share work?
  • What about babysitters?
  • How does it work with nannies and tax?
  • Do you need a contract or not?

I have successfully connected many mums, nannies and babysitters in the past few years. However, as I am writing this in June 2016, NW8-mums has reached over 1000 members, and as such, I have decided to set up a FB group called NW8-mums Nanny Search & Share to help you with your nanny search and questions.

You can still email me on and I would be delighted to help you! I have sample contracts I can share, and I am also happy to answer your questions.

For nanny tax questions, I can recommend Gregg Pilcher who is an accountant. He can help you with lots of things including nanny tax. He has helped us for years.

Coleman Webb Chartered Accountants





Several NW8-mums have tried KidSitter and the feedback to me has only been positive. For NEW users, there is a special code NW8MUMS which entitles you to ONE FREE hour.

I have used KidSitter and was very happy. It is the only agency I feel comfortable using and it is because I know how stringent their vetting system is.


I know a few NW8-mums who have found their full-time nannies from here and they have been very happy.


Bubble is a service that several of NW8-mums use. Use the code CBHBJ to get £10 off on the first booking with them.



Dawn O’Sullivan is a local childminder who has looked after the children of many NW8-mums and they speak highly of her. She can be reached on 07990610721 or at


Nanny Share

Koru Kids was started by a local mum after she struggled with childcare.


Nanny Agencies

Greycoat Lumleys

Imperial Nannies