General Parenting

I love reading and I have found various books that have really helped me know that I am normal, my child is behaving appropriately for their age and they have also given me many tips. My favourite ones are The Baby Whisperer (baby and toddler), New Toddler Taming, The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan to name but a few. I know many people are fond of Gina Ford. I didn’t like the sound of them, but I wanted to know what they were about, so I read her books. Her method is not for me, but each to their own.


My husband found the Granta book Fathers and Fatherhood useful and interesting to read and especially ahead of our first pregnancy.


These are other popular books amongst the NW8-mums & dads.

Parenting Course

Parenting expert Rachel Vecht of Educating Matters is starting a new parenting course called Positive Parenting & Family Skills on Monday 8th October. The course takes place in St John’s Wood/Maida Vale. Her courses are very good, thought provoking and very interesting. I have attended Rachel’s course and it gave me a lot to think about with regards to my own parenting and so much more. To book a space, please contact Rachel directly on or call her on 020 7604 4922. Please let her know that you heard about her through NW8-mums.

Please let Rachel know you heard it from NW8-mums.

Please see below for all the information:

Dear Parents,

I wanted to let you know about the ‘Positive Parenting and Family Skills’ 10 week course that I run in Maida Vale.

In terms of my background, I have worked as a full time classroom teacher in a number of state schools and in the independent sector at Arnold House. I also taught and mentored student teachers. For the past 15 years, I have been a parent educator delivering seminars, courses and consultations in the work place (mainly investment banks and law firms), schools and homes.

In all my years of classroom teaching, training teachers, raising my own 4 children, extensively reading parenting books and supporting thousands of parents in the workplace through ‘Educating Matters’, this ‘Positive Parenting’ course has given me the most practical, realistic advice and truly altered my own approach to parenting. I passionately believe that it will help other parents in the same way whatever age your child is, in any circumstances. It is not just of interest to those parents who think their children are ‘problematic’, and it is also of equal appeal to both men and women. In fact the best results are often when both parents attend together. It will set your child up with skills for life.
I know it sounds like quite a time commitment, but parents who come genuinely believe it is a great investment of their time and has a genuine long term impact.

I look forward to hearing from you,
“I learnt more in the first half an hour than I have in 12 years of being a father.”

“After the course I am pretty confident that I am a better parent and my kids are happier.”

“My kids are calmer, more confident and less competitive with each other.”

“I thought all aspects were excellent. Rachel is absolutely superb.”

“Huge thanks to Rachel for creating this lovely teaching atmosphere and making this difficult task of positive parenting seem so simple to everyone. My husband and I were both very impressed by her knowledge and positive energy. It is obvious that she loves teaching this subject; she was never short of any answers/recommendations when most difficult scenarios were brought up in the class discussions.”

“I want to say a big, big thank you for everything. This course has been so helpful and so important in many different ways. It has literally been the anchor I needed at this rather challenging and stressful time. Sometimes I think we forget the most important thing, the love we feel for our children, with all the rushing and competing. The course has taught me an effective way of staying on top of things while still remembering what is important.”