Fertility Including IVF

I have no personal experience with IVF, but many of my friends do. Several friends have undergone either IVF or IUI; multiple times in some cases. All the details here have been collected from these various friends.

I run a support group for women struggling with fertility. Please email me if you would like to join.

Please note that these clinics and names are here to help guide you. In no way can NW8-mums guarantee that it will work or be held responsible should you not be happy with the clinic or doctor, or should you not have your desired outcome.

You can read more about what IVF treatment is available on the NHS.

One of my dearest friends has had success twice with this clinic and had her treatments with Mr Forman. She tells me it is not the place where you feel like a human; it is very much about being a series of numbers. However they get results. I have another friend who also had success at this clinic and she also mentioned feeling like a number and not like a person.

This clinic a friend tried, but it was too much and too hard-core for her, so she went to the one above instead for baby number two. She said ARGC almost seems regarded as the ‘last stop place’ where you go if you have tried everything and nothing has worked.

The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health has also come up in conversation.

This is a well-known clinic that might be worth looking into as well.

Bill Smith of Clinical Diagnostic Services helped our neighbour, but she hasn’t told me if they also did IVF through this clinich or through any of his recommendations.

Clinical Diagnostic Services: Ultrasound and Health Screening

Bill Smith at Clinical Diagnostic Services is a highly regarded ultrasound specialist. He helps women conceive naturally through monitored cycles. They offer all sorts of other services at the facility, including prenatal yoga and health screening so definitely worth looking into.

Private obstetricians

Dr Raj Rai has helped several friends of mine. He works at St Mary’s Hospital both in the NHS department and also at the private section of St Mary’s called The Lindo Wing.

Dr Eben at The Portland Hospital has been the obstetrician for a few friends of mine.