I believe in giving back and there are some very worthy causes that NW8-mums is actively fundraising for. Many of the events I organise are free, but I often ask for donations which go to one of the charities below.

One local charity is Little Village Camden and I always suggest that the members of NW8-mums donate items to them.




One of my daughter’s friends from school, Vanessa Moss, died from neuroblastoma cancer just shy of her 9th birthday. She was a remarkable and amazing little lady. Below is a beautiful song written especially for Vanessa.

The husband of my best friend survived neuroblastoma as a baby. Needless to say, helping any child with this illness is something I feel very strongly about.

Right now, the godson of my very close friend and local NW8-mum, 10-year-old Harry Banks is in desperate need of help. You can read more about him and the fundraising campaign MadAboutHarry by clicking HERE. I urge you to let as many people as you can know about Harry and even a donation of as little as £5 will help.



Gorgeous Harry Banks.



A cause that I am passionate about is mental health. I suffered from bad perinatal and postnatal depression with both my children. A local charity that I received a lot of support from is Cocoon Family Support. They do amazing work. To help them by donating, please click HERE.




Tanyel’s Smile is a charity that is very close to my heart. I know her parents and went through the journey of Tanyel’s cancer and subsequent death together with them. What her lovely parents have achieved in Tanyel’s name is beyond inspiring. And, the money received goes to children who really need it.




I ran a 5 km fundraising race for The Lady Garden Campaign in aid of the Gynaecological Cancer Fund in Battersea Park in April 2016. It was amazing!

The Gynaecological Cancer Fund and The Lady Garden Campaign.

Last March I did a 5 km run for them and this year I ran 10 km. I will run again next year. Should you like to support me, please click HERE.