Amazing Apps

There are new apps appearing every day. Here are some that NW8-mums love and use (in alphabetical order rather than preference)!

3 House Club


Our lovely local family club offers so much and you can find the information you need and also book for classes through the app. I am very proud to say that NW8-mums have organised several successful events together with ParentVille and 3 House Club.



Bubble is an app that allows you to connect with your friends’ babysitters. There is an exclusive NW8-mums code CBHBJ for new users to try the service.

Natural Cycles


This is a great app for any woman who wants to plan or prevent a pregnancy using the most natural process without taking any pills: you measure your body temperature. This was started by my little sister’s best friend (which is how I know about it) and both my sister and I have been using it for years. This app is currently the only app of its kind to be regulated as an approved medical device.



NW8-mums is very excited to be partnering with a new business called OneLane which is a family transportation service. OneLane is app based and helps families by transporting their children to/from schools/activities by a Guardian, a female child care professional (nanny, tutor, teacher, nurse, child minder) who is DBS checked and undergoes extensive background and safety checks. OneLane value and nurture the relationship between a Guardian and a family and endeavour to pair the same Guardian to a family to ensure consistency of service and a familiar face. Safety is the top concern for OneLane. All rides are live monitored so parents can track rides and receive live updates as children are picked up and checked into activities. Also each ride is monitored for safety points such as speed and stopping times. OneLane have recently been nominated for a Mum and Working award and were recently featured in the Huffington Post. Ride&Care, childcare of up to two hours before or after a ride, is also available and Carpooling will begin in September.

Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the Meet & Greet feature to meet their potential Guardian before any rides take place. Also one seat in the car is always kept free for a parent or caretaker to join at any time. OneLane suggest parents join along in the first ride to go over handover details or to go over these details in the Meet & Greet.

As part of our partnership we can offer NW8-mums parents an exclusive offer of three rides for free by using the case sensitive code NW8.


Parentville logo.png

This is a great app that allows you to search for activities and other things. I am very proud to say that NW8-mums have organised several successful events together with ParentVille and 3 House Club.



If you are returning to work and have questions to others who have been in the same situation, or should there be anything else that you would like to ask someone about, then Rungway is where to go! You can ask anonymously or with your name showing. Many NW8-mums have joined this community and have already found it to be very inspiring and helpful! We even have our own group on there. After joining, please email and ask to join the NW8-mums group.





The Wonder Weeks

This is the go-to app for many new mums. Based on the book with the same name, this app gives you a personalised chart for your baby.