Nutrition & Supplements

In early 2015, my PT Henlu van der Westhuizen introduced me to Pepper Stewart who is a nutritionist. I was going through a very difficult time; I had just lost one of my closest friends to breast cancer, my son was only seven months old, he came down with croup and together with bad teething he wasn’t sleeping at night and nor was I. My postnatal depression which had improved, suddenly worsened and I was a complete wreck.


Here are a few of the Beyuna vitamins and supplements I take daily.

It was at this time I met Pepper. I was quite nervous; I thought she would tell me all the things I did ‘wrong’, criticise me and so on. Instead, it was quite the opposite. Sitting in front of me in Carluccio’s on St John’s Wood High Street was this wonderful woman; so full of life, energy and with the most wonderful spirit and she genuinely wanted to help me get better.

Since then, I have been taking the vitamins and supplements that she introduced me to. They are called Beyuna. My children also take the D3, Omega 3 and probiotics daily. The Beyuna products are safe to take when pregnant and breastfeeding. If you would like to read more about them, please click HERE.

You can now buy this amazing brand of vitamins, supplements as well as the vegan nail varnish Zoya by clicking HERE.