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If you are looking for antenatal services, please click HERE.



There are several GP surgeries in the area. The best way to find your nearest one is to have a look at the link HERE. However finding a good GP is not always easy, so to talk to people and ask if they are happy with theirs.

Urgent Weekend GPs

If you need the GP urgently during the weekend, call 111 and they will advice you. Please click HERE for more details.


  • PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE CHANGES TO SOME HOSPITALS WITH PAEDIATRIC A&E UNITS DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. At the time of writing (early October 2020), at UCLH & The Royal Free Hospital the paediatric A&E departments are closed. There have also been changes to private provisions, so please call any private clinic or hospital before setting off.



Close to St John’s Wood, there are several NHS hospitals with A&E departments. We have had to take our daughter to A&E twice and have had good experiences both at UCLH and St Mary’s Hospital. Please note they don’t have any parking!

I have heard good things about the children’s A&E at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead from various friends, but have no personal experience there. They have parking though.


With regards to private hospitals, there is a walk-in practice called Casualty First situated inside the Hospital of St John’s & St Elizabeth’s here in St John’s Wood. If you take your child, they have to be over the 12+ months. I had excellent care when taking my youngest on two occasions. The first time, it was urgent enough that he needed an ambulance to go to St Mary’s A&E and they sent for an ambulance.

The Wellington Hospital has an adult walk-in emergency clinic called Urgent Care.


Private Clinics/GP/Hospitals

Below are some links to private clinics here in St John’s Wood or close-by. There are of course many more, but these are the most well-known to me at least.

  • The Hospital of St John’s & St Elizabeth’s – If you need help, reassurance or similar, there is also the London Paediatric Unit at The Hospital of St John’s & St Elizabeth’s. They have a 24-hour phone line Mondays-Fridays where you can speak to one of their paediatric nurses. If nobody answers, just leave a message and they will call you back. Here you can have immunisations done privately too. They can be contacted on 020 7078 3831 or

I know many people see Dr Noimark and I also know several parents who are very happy with Dr Sekri. They are both paediatricians. Dr Noimark is also an child allergy specialist. Please note this is Dr Lee Noimark and not Dr Dean Noimark.

Click HERE for a list of all the consultants at the paediatric unit.

  • There is also the Japanese clinic, the Nippon Club Medical Clinic, at The Hospital of St John’s & St Elizabeth’s. Their phone number is 020 7266 1121.


Should you need immunisations done privately, you can have them done at The London Paediatric Unit. Several friends have had them done at Baby Jabs and at The Portland Hospital too.

For immunisations for travelling, this can also be done at Casualty First (details above).

Measles & Meningitis

Measles and meningitis can be very dangerous for. Babies and teenagers seem particularly susceptible. Here are links to information about meningitis and measles.




  • You can find a dentist through the NHS, but I have never used them. Here is how you can find someone though.
  • Dr David Tissera is a local dentist. His surgery Aura Dental is situated moments away from St John’s Wood High Street. I take my children there and I have been very happy and impressed with them.





  • Another local dentist, is Dr Diana Spencer of Abbey Road Dental. She is a local resident herself and also a mother.
  • An excellent private dentist Dr Balkin and his dental hygienist are at Smile Style Dental in Holland Park. Dr Balkin is Scottish, but US trained. I was very wary of going to see them as I have never had any problems with my teeth and worried they might say I needed lots of work done all of a sudden just to make money. They haven’t.


  • Dr Penelope Law comes highly recommended by a very close friend. She is also an obstetrician.
  • Claire Mellon is another favourite in the group.


Dr Allison HymanFamily Chiropractic Centre

Location:  18 Wimpole Street, Marylebone, London W1G 8GD
Tel:  07764 847 369

Dr Allison is passionate about improving the health and well-being of families. She has vast experience, specific expertise and interest in holistic health and is extremely involved in pregnancy, birth and postpartum chiropractic care.

She is certified in the Webster Technique, a technique used during pregnancy, which helps create balance in the pelvis, reduce tension in ligaments and soft tissue and restore the neuro-biomechanics of the pelvis to facilitate optimal positioning of the baby.

Chiropractic is a natural, hands-on approach to maximising health, restoring spinal alignment, and improving posture and the function of the nervous system. Chiropractic restores the communication pathways between the brain and body, allowing the body to heal from the inside out.

Allison is committed to helping people of all ages on their journey towards greater health and optimal well-being.
Education Allison earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree with highest honours at Life College of Chiropractic in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000 following her Bachelor of Science degree from Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Registered: General Chiropractic Council since 2001

Memberships: United Chiropractic Association and International Chiropractic Paediatric Association.

Speech Therapist

Nicole Zubaida has helped many NW8 families over the years and the feedback I have received has been very positive. Over the years, Nicole has presented talks to us which have also been popular and well received.