General Recommendations & Information A-Z

On this page, I have collected recommendations of people and services that are personally known to NW8-mums. Please note that NW8-mums won’t be held responsible should you not be happy with any of these. Recommendations are very personal and as a result, they won’t always be to the liking of everyone.

Should you be looking for something that isn’t on the list, please send an email to and I will do my best to find what you are looking for. The list is A-Z. This page will keep developing over time.






  • I have been a patient of the wonderful acupuncturist Dr Ping Li since June 2013 and she can help you with anything from fertility related issues to back ache and everything in between and she can be reached on 07783 385 727. Alternatively, her landline is 020 8269 2862.


  • One of our mums, Ingrid Huang is an acupuncturist. She has her clinic in St John’s Wood.


Alterations – please see dry cleaner’s.

  • For designer alterations and/or mending fragile garments, my seamstress friend who works for a haute couture brand, suggests trying Design & Alter.



  • Architect Hugh Cullum Architects is not just your usual architectual firm, but Hugh is a qualified specialised conservation architect which means he is allowed to work on listed buildings including National Heritage sites.




  • My daughter used to go to ballet classes with Regal Ballet. I love how gentle, warm and nurturing they are. For a beginner, I loved this class.
  • Hampstead Ballet School is the company my daughter started doing ballet with. I personally didn’t think they were great for very young beginners, but I know those who are very happy with them for children who are a bit older.




  • Several NW8-mums use KidSitter regularly. I use them myself too and it is the only babysitting service I feel confident using. They offer NW8-mums (first time users) one hour for free. Please use offer code NW8MUMS.


  • Bubble is another babysitting service that many mums in the group use regularly. Please use offer code CBHBJ to get £5 credit.




  • Another local great baker whose goods are also delicious is Fairy Cake.


Beauty & Aesthetics

  • The Beauty Centre on Allitsen Road, can help you with many things. If you want to join their VIP club, it is good value for money.


  • Ibeauty do great manis, pedis, waxing, threading and massages.





Birthday Party Venue

  • For when you need someone to take care of everything and you just turn up, it has to be 3 House Club! Completely stress-free and simply wonderful.



  • If you are looking for high quality builders, look no further! Vitpol can do pretty much anything. They don’t use subcontractors and the quality of workmanship is second to none.



Care – General


Carpet Cleaning & Curtain Hanging

  • Please refer to D and look up Dry Cleaners.


Cars – auto, MOTs, car wash

  • St John’s Wood Autos can help you with most things related to your car. They have done repairs and numerous MOTs for us.
  • Several of our neighbours use Clairemont Auto Valet to get their cars washed. They are a mobile valeting service so come to your house. 07980 211 118.



  • Courtenay Chemists on St John’s Wood High Street is fantastic and I go there for advice and medication.


Children’s Club & Classes

  • Anya and her lovely team run 3 House Club on Bridgeman Street situated just off St John’s Wood High Street. They run lots of different classes from pregnancy to homework classes, from art and music to circus skills. NW8-mums run coffee mornings there and we have hosted several open day events for families together.


  • Huggle by Swiss Cottage is a shop and they also run classes.


Critical Illness Cover

  • Please refer to F and Derek of independent Financial Adviser Lyfe Wealth.





  • You can find a dentist through the NHS, but I have never used them. Here is how you can find someone though.


  • Abbey Road Dental is another favourite of many families and Dr Diana Spencer is excellent with both children and adults.


  • Dr David Tissera is a local dentist. His surgery Aura Dental is located in St John’s Wood moments away from the High Street. Many NW8-mums go as well as take their children to see him, and they are very happy.


  • My excellent private dentist Dr Balkin and his dental hygienist are at Smile Style Dental in Holland Park. Dr Balkin is Scottish, but US trained. I was very wary of going to see them as I have never had any problems with my teeth and worried they might say I needed lots of work done all of a sudden just to make money. They haven’t. I must be the most boring patient ever as I never need anything done.


Dishwasher Repair Engineer

  • JB Roberts has helped us as well as many NW8-mums. Check his website or call him dircetly on 07931 128 324.


Driving Instructor

  • My driving instructor John Pollock of AA is very good. He is quite particular and if you are looking for someone who will be gushing and telling you how amazing you are, he is not your man. However, he is extremely thorough and will have you extremely well prepared for your practical test. He only teaches manual instruction. He can be contacted on 07747 531 228.


  • Joe of Automatika keeps getting rave reviews from everyone. He only teaches automatic driving. He can be reached on 07730 986999.


Dry Cleaner

  • We have been loyal clients of Michael’s of Lord’s Dry Cleaners on Lodge Road for almost 20 years. He is super nice. He also does alternations and delivers locally.




  • Or look under ‘builder’ and Vitpol can help you.
  • JB Roberts has helped us as well as many NW8-mums. Check his website or call him dircetly on 07931 128 324.


Estate Agent

  • If you are looking for an estate agent, Hanover Residential is great. Mark Feigenbaum has helped us on the sales’ side and Damian Jacobs on the lettings’ side.


Equity Release

  • Please refer to F and the independent financial adviser Lyfe Wealth. Derek can help you with this.






Financial Adviser (Independent)

  • Lyfe Wealth was started by Derek who is a local NW8-father. You can easily get hold of Derek who can meet you locally or you can go to his offices in Bishopsgate.



Fish Monger



Funeral Plans

  • This is something we don’t like to think about, but having lost one of my closest friends to breast cancer at the age of 41 and seeing her leave behind her husband and two very young girls, funeral planning something I am very aware of. Independent financial advisers Lyfe Wealth or MaxLyte Financial can help you with this too. Not fun to think about, but as this very much is part of life, it is better to be prepared that not.




  • Paulo is an excellent gardener and can be reached on 07746 050199.





  • Dr Penelope Law comes highly recommended through a very good friend of mine. She is also an obstetrician.




  • Coming soon…


Hair Colourist

  • I have my hair coloured in the comfort of my own home with the amazing Steve Curran who has done the hair of many celebrities including Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and many more. Steve was Nicky Clarke’s Head Colourist during his ten year tenure there, and he has since worked for other top hairdressers. He currently works at a salon in Knightsbridge and spends the rest of his time colouring the hair of people at the top of their game in the comfort of their own homes. Steve’s experience and proficiencies were enhanced alongside some of the world’s top designers, leading fashion magazines and A-List Celebrities such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Vogue, Elle, Grazia to name but a few. He is giving NW8-mums an exclusive deal (prices starting at £140 instead of £180 depending on what you need doing), so if you are looking for someone to give you a real boost, book him. Several of the NW8-mums now see Steve on a regular basis and they are super happy too. You won’t be disappointed!


Harmony test

  • I had my Harmony test done at The Fetal Medicine Centre on Harley Street.


Health Care



Income Protection & Investment

  • Please refer to F and the independent financial adviser Lyfe Wealth. They can help you with this.


Instrument Hire

  • For string instruments, Stringers on Lisson Grove, is excellent.


Interiors – including light bulbs, tiles, bathrooms and some hardware

  • I always go to Lords At Home on St John’s Wood High Street for light bulbs, batteries and other small things I need for the house.




  • One of the NW8-mums, San, is a jeweller and she creates beautiful bespoke pieces.





Massage Therapist

  • A great PT and massage therapist, Divan Kombrink, whom I refer to as ‘the gentle giant’, is brilliant and a super sweet guy!



Maternity Nurse

  • Adriana Barbosa was our maternity nurse with our youngest. She is wonderful and was super helpful. She has worked for many of our friends and neighbours. She is very much pro-breastfeeding and will help you that. She is also an amazing cook! 07446 036 082 or
  • Mary Ashton has helped many NW8-mums. When she isn’t cuddling with newborns, she trains maternity nurses and she also writes for MyBaba.



  • Some NW8-mums use a milkman who can be reached on 07772 427 599.



  • Please refer to the page on the website by clicking HERE.



  • It is good to have someone independent help you with this and Derek of Lyfe Wealth can advise you.


  • Richard Fulchiron is our to go person when it comes to mortgages. He works for Knight Frank Finance LLP on Baker Street and can be reached on 020 7268 2598, 07810 467 644 or





  • Pepper Stewart has many strings to her bow and apart from being a PT, pilates teacher, she is also a nutritionist. Her clinic is at 129 Harley Street. She can be contacted on 07444 545 158 or




  • Safarian & Simon on the High Street is excellent with both children and adults. I have been a client of theirs for ages and I also take my children there.





Park Opening Times

  • St John’s Wood Church Grounds



Personal Trainer

  • A great PT and massage therapist, Divan Kombrink, whom I refer to as ‘the gentle giant’, is brilliant and a super sweet guy!
  • Barbara Viragh who is positive and energetic. She can be reached on or 07889 613 433.




Piano tuning

  • I always use Jaques Samuels for any tuning and/or servicing of my piano.



  • I train with Gemma Shaw who is wonderful. A local mum who knows what we go through during and after pregnancy. She can be contacted on
  • Another great teacher I have trained with and who was introduced to me by Henlu, is Pepper Stewart. She has many strings to her bow and is also a nutritionist. Her clinic is at 129 Harley Street. She can be contacted on 07444 545 158 or



  • Or look under ‘builder’ and Vitpol can help you.


Private Medical Insurance

  • Please refer to F and the independent financial adviser Lyfe Wealth. Derek can help you with this.





Self storage



  • Swimming Rocks are great and they are a firm favourite with many in the group.
  • My daughter now swims with Swimming Nature. Her teacher is good, but in terms of communication and customer service, I haven’t been too happy. We are sticking with it for now as she swims with a friend after school and finding a time and venue that works for both families is tricky.




  • Ann (the therapist of one of my closest friends): 07885 027 489
  • Rivka MennessonPsychodynamic Psychotherapist Counsellor: and she also has a clinic in Harley Street, Westlake Clinic.



  • Through Emily Ainsworth who is one of the partners of Magus Education, we can recommend you the right tutor for your child. Please email for more information.



  • Dr Maya Cara  runs regular 4+ assessment preparation workshops informing parents on various relevant topics such as how to work with their child and what topics to cover. She also runs private consultations for parents and care givers and offers informal pre-assessments for children to identify areas parents need to focus on in those early pre-school years.


  • Sapna Chamaria has been living in the local community for the past 11 years and is a mother to a boy and a girl. She is a qualified nursery and KS1 teacher. She now works as a 4+ and 7+ specialist tutor. Sapna runs regular 7+ exams’ workshops helping parents understand the process.







Washing Machine Repair Engineer

  • JB Roberts has helped us as well as many NW8-mums. Check his website or call him dircetly on 07931 128 324.






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