Exercise Classes for Mums

If you can recommend any exercise classes, please let me know!


Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is beneficial for anyone and everyone. It helps with back problems, postural issues and much more. There was a study a few years ago looking at the benefits of Alexander Technique with regards to back problems. They compared the results of a group having physio therapy and another group learning Alexander Technique. The group physio therapy group had a quicker progress, but their back problems gradually worsened after they stopped having physio therapy. The group who got taught Alexander Technique took much longer to get better, but stayed better in the long run too. Through my work I have sent several people to Angus Antley’s practice in Kensal Rise/Queens’ Park and I am told he is extremely good.

Personal Training (PT)


My family and I doing a session with Henlu.

Henlu van der Westhuizen’s classes are amazing. I have been training with him since autumn 2014 and have seen such great results.

He offers a women’s group training session every Saturday morning at 9 am either in Paddington Recreation Ground in Maida Vale (very close to St John’s Wood). The class is a great mix of exercises and is very affordable at £15/session. You can try the class for FREE and see if you like it.

Henlu offers 1:1 PT too. The nice thing is that he keeps the rate the same even if you train with a friend, husband or as a small group.

He also runs a health retreat holiday in Greece called Hellenic Healthy Holidays. Each retreat is a week long and has a lovely mixture of various kinds of training, detox and diet awareness. For more information, please refer to Henlu’s websites or send him an e-mail at: henlulondonpt@gmail.com

Group training


The Hub in Regent’s Park offers a variety of mummy and baby friendly activities such as Parent and Pram.

Buggy Fit – It is easy to get fit and meet other mums with Buggy Fit. The nearest place to do this is in Maida Vale.

Fitness training sessions: My fantastic personal trainer, Henlu, runs a series of classes in Paddington Recreation Ground at the running track next to the basketball court. In case of rain, sessions take place at the bandstand. There is a cafe nearby with loos and changing facilities, as well as pay and display parking on Grantully Road. See below for his weekly classes. £15/class.

Tuesdays at 7.15-8.15 pm – combined session (male & female)
Wednesdays at 9.45-10.45 am – mums class (babies welcome)
Saturdays at 9-10am – ladies group session and at 10-11 am – men’s group session

Henlu also offers group training in Marylebone.

Henlu caters for all fitness levels and combines a great fun mix of cardiovascular  training, flexibility, strength and conditioning, yoga postures and Pilates based exercises. Do not be worried if you are not very fit or just starting; everyone training is on different fitness levels. You only need to bring along a yoga mat, some water and warm clothing (during winter time). For more information, please e-mail Henlu on henlulondonpt@gmail.com


My amazing Pilates teacher Gemma Shaw is a local mum of two boys and really understands and knows what women need both when pregnant and postnatally. I love my classes with her! Gemma can be contacted on gemshaw1@gmail.com

Someone else I do Pilates with is Pepper Stewart. She is also wonderful and I love how I am able to work differently with my various trainers. Pepper is a mother of twins (now grown up) and has a wealth of experience. Pepper can be reached on bestbodyfc@yahoo.com

Yoga for Adults & Children, Bootcamp, Zumba & PT

Several nw8-mums do yoga classes, bootcamps, zumba and PT sessions with the lovely and energetic Paula. She  For details on her sessions, please click HERE.


The Nest – This is a wonderful haven run by the lovely Elisa and Laura. Here you find a place both to relax and chat with fellow mums, and you can also do exercise classes and workshops. They often have an offer for NW8-mums.

3 House Club – Not only do they offer classes and workshops for little ones, but they also have some adults exercise classes. Both ante-natal and post-natal.

The Garuda Yoga & Pilates Studio here in St John’s Wood is a wonderful place. I have done both matwork and apparatus work there. I have loved every session. What I found most inspiring there is the fact that there is no music playing which means I am focussing entirely on my mind and body. So refreshing in today’s world where everything is so loud and fast.

Heartcore opened its doors here in St John’s Wood in January 2016 and it is fantastic. Please see here for my review of it (15 January 2016):

This morning, a couple of NW8-mums and I went to the new gym Heartcore here in SJW. We tried the Pilates class. I am not a gym person. In fact, I don’t even like gyms. However, Heartcore feels very different. It is beautiful, friendly and the wonderful way in which they have designed the space together with the lit Dyptique candles giving off a wonderful scent, makes it feel more like a spa. The three of us really enjoyed the class and have all booked in for more sessions. I think the place will appeal to non-gym people like me, as well as to those who do like going to the gym. For me, it will be a great addition to the work I already do with my PT Henlu Van Der Westhuizen and Pilates teachers Gemma and Pepper. I am booked in to try their other classes over the next few weeks and I am already looking forward to my barre and TRX classes!

At Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre there are many types of exercise to do. It is best to check with them what there is on and what types of membership schemes they have. If you want to go to the Leisure Centre gym, there is a creche for children up to the age of 5.