Boutiques, Cafes & Hairdressers for Adults & Children, Optician for Adults & Children and More

Cafes & Restaurants


Enjoying a babyccino at Unico.

My favourite place to have coffee is Unico Caffe & Gelato on the High Street. Their coffee is just amazing. Their gelato is pretty good too.

Fego Caffe is a lovely place. Since I had my daughter in 2009, I feel they have become much more accepting of children and it is now a place where I would happily take mine. It is tiny though which makes it hard to meet up if you have buggies. They have changing facilities in their women’s bathroom.

Gail’s just off St John’s Wood High Street is lovely. Since they refurbished it in late summer 2016, it looks better as it is much brighter and the layout works better if you want to sit in. I love their cakes, bread and salads, but I mainly do take-out, because it is so small, and if you have a buggy it is almost impossible to stay. I really wish they had a bigger space.



A great lift to the High Street has been since October 2016 when The Ivy Cafe opened its doors. I have been several times (breakfast, lunch and dinner) since they opened and I have liked the service, quality of food, coffee etc. What has been lovely is how welcoming they are towards families, buggies etc. I have been for dinner and there have been babies and children there. There are changing facilities downstairs. I have only heard positive comments from ‘my’ mums!

Another new addition to the High Street is Soutine which is situated further down towards towards St John’s Wood Church Grounds.

Just around the corner from the high street you can find the ever popular Chicken Shop which always gets busy with families on weekends. A few doors down from there on Allitsen Road we have The Gate, a restaurant which serves delicious vegetarian and vegan food. I have hosted several dinners there and the food and service have been great.


The Azan Newsagent in Barrow Hill Road has the most lovely man owning it and my friends have had their newspapers delivered at the crack of dawn for some years from him. He started selling frozen yogurt (fat-free of course!) last year and has named that side of his business MyBerry. Instead of buying yogurt per pot size he sells it by weight so can get as big or small as you like, add toppings and it’s all DIY. My friend’s daughter loves it and takes it up to the scales to be weighed, and she says it tastes super nice! He also does smoothies, hot drinks, slushies and things down that line.


Children’s Hairdressers

  • Alex and Tony at Avalanche Hair & Beauty on Fairfax Road in South Hampstead do haircuts for children.
  • Studio Hair & Beauty on 66 St John’s Wood High Street offers 10% off to NW8-mums for children’s haircuts. Phone number: 020 7449 0000
  • Igloo on St John’s Wood High Street offers hairdressing for children downstairs. Chloe is excellent. Pop in or call to make an appointment. 020 7483 2332
  • Joshua Altback on St John’s Wood High Street also offers children’s cuts.
  • Grizzly Kids on Abbey Road is a popular place with many parents.


Clothes & Shoes

I love Igloo. They offer anything you can think of from newborn and up. You can find clothes, gifts, toys, books, scooters, shoes (from pre-walkers to wellies and school shoes) and much more. They also have a hairdressing service for children and Chloe is brilliant with children and she also does a great job. You can often find the lovely owner Nino in the shop.




Tiddlywinks@Bens on St John’s Wood High Street has been selling children’s clothing and shoes since the 1960s. The age range is from newborn to 16 years.

They stock brands from around the world including Italy, France, Spain and the USA and are at the forefront of fashion with attention to detail.  The cut and quality of their clothing is second to none.

Tiddlywinks @ Ben’s carry an eclectic mix of casual and smart clothes plus shoes and swimwear – in fact it is a one stop shop for all your clothing needs with a floor dedicated to party wear, prom dresses and smart boys suits.

On Abbey Road, Grizzly Kids offer shoes, toys as well as haircuts. They also offer baby and toddler classes downstairs.


Everyone who works in Courtenay Chemist on St John’s Wood High Street is lovely and offers such helpful advice. I always go there for medicines and/or advice.

Adult Hairdresser

The lovely Sara comes to cut my hair as well as my children’s hair too, at my home for when I can’t make it to the salon. She is super talented! She can be reached at 07477 008 355.

Some other NW8-mums go to the following ones: Ali at Hair by Partners (no website) on 100 St John’s Wood Terrace (020 7483 3337). Another friend goes to Alex and Tony at Avalanche Hair & Beauty on Fairfax Road in South Hampstead. I have also tried Avalanche Hair & Beauty for myself and was happy.

Joshua Altback_front-cropped.jpg

Joshua Altback Haircare & Beauty have been located on St John’s Wood High street for over 50 years. They do cuts, colouring, kid’s haircuts, Brazilian hair straightening, hair extensions, hairdos for events, parties and bridal hair, as well as beauty. There are two beauty rooms offering everything from Guinot facials, to waxing and manicures all done in a personal and friendly atmosphere.They have an offer for us. Please click here to go to the offers’ page.
There are great sales on the High Street from Gerard Darel and Joseph, to Larizia, Gap Kids, James Lakeland and many more. Definitely check the shops out.
My entire family goes to Safarian & Simon on St John’s Wood High Street. They are very good, nice and honest and also do great eye exams for children.