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Hair & Beauty

The lovely Sara comes to cut my hair as well as my children’s hair too, at my home. She is super talented! She can be reached at 07477 008 355 and charges from £65 and up.


Colour: Steve Curran

I have my hair coloured in the comfort of my own home with the amazing Steve Curran who has done the hair of many celebrities including Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and many more. Steve was Nicky Clarke’s Head Colourist during his ten year tenure there, and he has since worked for other top hairdressers. He spends the his time colouring the hair of people at the top of their game in the comfort of their own homes. Steve’s experience and proficiencies were enhanced alongside some of the world’s top designers, leading fashion magazines and A-List Celebrities such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Vogue, Elle, Grazia to name but a few. He is giving NW8-mums an exclusive deal (prices start at £140 – instead of £180 – depending on what you need doing and how thick your hair is), so if you are looking for someone to give you a real boost, book him. You won’t be disappointed!


Complimentary Consultations at Twoth Dental + Facial Aesthetics on 74 St John’s Wood High Street, founded by one of our partners and local NW8-parents.
Dr Tara photo
Introducing the Twoth Aesthetics Team


Dr Tara Francis, Aesthetics Director has built an incredible team of skilled practitioners to provide an overall holistic approach to facial rejuvenation and aesthetics.

Dr Mohsin’s special interests and skills are light eyes mesotherapy, and jawline dermal filler to help contour and structure the face. He has a calming energy that all of our patients appreciate.

Dr Kinneri is our anti-wrinkle and lip enhancement pro! Her passion for natural results really shines through in her work.

Lottie our lead therapist is known for her relaxing , yet effective facials – particularly the million dollar facial. She also is a body contouring expert using Lipofirm pro.

Liz our nurse therapist can provide skin peels, mesotherapy and Lipofirm pro.

Dr Tara Francis has gained a trustworthy reputation within the field of facial aesthetics, focusing on enhancing the natural beauty you already possess. She strongly believes in treating a patient holistically, and individually, tailoring each treatment plan to the patient’s specific needs, suitability, and expectations.

Dr Tara Francis is an ambassador for Obagi Medical and is praised highly for her skills in dermal filler enhancements.

After graduating from King’s College London, Dr Tara Francis found her passion in the field of medical aesthetics. Now, she shares her expertise at her academy, The London Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, where she teaches doctors, dentists, and nurses.

Dr Tara’s main aim when discussing and enhancing a face is to provide natural results. During a relaxed, yet thorough consultation, she will offer advice with your best interest at heart. Patient well-being is Dr Tara’s main priority and she has been known to decline treatment that she feels is inappropriate, not suitable, or will not meet the patient’s expectations.

Dr Tara continues to undergo professional development, increasing her knowledge and skills constantly, to provide the best possible outcome for all patients. She prides herself on her ability to provide a welcoming, relaxed and caring environment. Dr Tara’s dedication to the medical aesthetics industry is clear and ever-growing, and this shows through her work, her commitment to achieving excellence, and the consistent positive feedback from patients.

She specialises in advanced injectable treatments including tear trough, profile balancing (nose, chin, lips), natural lip enhancements, and non-surgical nose enhancement.


Bubble is a service that several NW8-mums use. Use the code CBHBJ to get £10 off on the first booking with them.



Teeth Whitening Offer

Twoth Dental + Facial Aesthetics on 74 St John’s Wood High Street has a great limited offer for teeth whitening. You can read more about this offer on the image below.


This offer of £295 (usually £495) is valid until the 18th December 2022
Also available as a Gift Voucher.

T&Cs apply. 

Please contact the friendly team at Twoth on 0204 542 0155
or email to book your appointment.

You can also click HERE for more information.