On this page, I aim to put short news that I have heard of, so if you know of something, please let me know.

Karin x – founder of NW8-mums

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  • After years of lobbying together with The St John’s Wood Society, we finally got our zebra crossing. And, quite a special one: a 3D. It has definitely made our High Street safer to cross.


  • In 2019 NW8-mums was awarded Highly Commended in the 2019 #MyWestminster Community Award for Best Neighbourhood Project.


  • I was humbled and proud to have been asked to participate at an event at Facebook’s headquarters here in London together with Facebook and the DCD (Dancers Career Development) as a motivational speaker talking to ballet dancers looking to change careers. It was an amazing day and I met so many talented people. Here is a film that was made on the day.

  • I have introduced an annual paid membership scheme and if you would like more information about it or if you would like to join, please click HERE.


  • Introducing NW8-dads! I am delighted and excited to finally have the NW8-dads’ group established. I have tried for years without managing to make it happen and now it is here. There is a NW8-dads’ WhatsApp group and also a page on the website which will continue developing over time.
  • Pregnancy and postnatal depression are very personal to me having suffered from both on multiple occasions, as well as miscarriage, loss and termination which I have also suffered. Therefore, I have set up WhatsApp support groups. They are confidential, safe, non-judgemental, supportive and loving groups. If you would like to join the support groups, please email me on, or if you need help I would be very happy to direct you to health-professionals who can help you.


  • Following the success of NW8-mums Educational Consultancy, I am very excited to tell you that we have launched a separate company Magus Education. We are the same team as before, but have added one more member in order to be able to cope with demand.

magus education logo2

  • Extremely humbled and happy to have been awarded a Certificate of Merit from the British Citizen Awards for the work that I do with NW8-mums. Thank you to the lovely mums who nominated me.


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