Loyalty Card – Membership Scheme

When NW8-mums started quite a few years ago now, it was a small group. Over the years, it has grown considerably and is now so big that I have decided to offer a paid annual membership.

NW8-mums is still not about making money, but due to its size and the cost of running the website, I have decided to offer an annual membership fee that will give you access to special offers (some of which are only available to members), members’ events as well as your own NW8-mums loyalty card!

This decision has been taken after a membership survey as well as with the newly created NW8-Mums Board which consists of a group of seven mums who are old and new members none of whom benefit financially from this.

The annual membership cost is £25+£1.70 (membership fee, your loyalty card and postage) and this fee is based on what members are happy to pay according to the results of the survey. With all of the new things I am working on, the membership will hopefully pay for itself.

Gail’s, Huggle, 3 House Club, Tiddlywinks @ Ben’s, Crocker’s Folly, Snappy Snaps and Lords At Home are just a few of many local companies that have signed up to support the NW8-mums Loyalty Card Scheme.

Your membership will be valid for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase. You can pay with PayPal or you can pay by using a credit or debit card too. You need to register with PayPal though before you can pay with your credit or debit card.

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‘Karin, I am so happy that you have decided to launch the Membership Scheme. You work so hard and spend so much time building this community, always there to answer all queries anyone has, that now that it has grown so much it’s only fair you can get a bit of help while remaining faithful to your beliefs of not making money with it. I am thankful for having this group within our community and having had the opportunity to make friends through it. Also, I feel all answers can be found through the lovely mums in the Whatsapp groups. That’s worth gold! María’.

Should you like to join the newsletter mailing list without becoming a member, please click HERE. You can of course be both a fee paying member and also join the email newsletter.