With Covid-19 pandemic and restricitons still in place, we currently have no events in-person events. However, we already have speakers lined up for Autumn 2021 and a venue which we will share with you in due course.


Please scroll down for information about our virtual events.




Local psychotherapist Rivka Mennesson, who is running the postnatal depression and anxiety support group sessions with me, and I will hold these WEEKLY when there is demand. There is no commitment; you come when you can and/or want to. What we talk about is confidential and stays with those present only, there is no judgement, you can bring your child and you are free to just listen or talk. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with PND or postnatal anxiety, but you feel the need to be in a supportive environment, please come along.

Rivka and I want it to be a safe and supportive space where we can all be ourselves. We communicate through a safe and welcoming WhatsApp group. Please send me an email if you would like to join us and I will give you more details.

Virtual Coffee Mornings

Coffee Morning Invitations_Life Coach Insta










I am delighted to have joined forces with KinderGifts and together we can not only provide information to you, connect you with other parents and experts, and fundraise at the same time which is at the heart of NW8-mums. If there is a topic you would like us to find an expert speaker for, please send me an email.

Thursday 1st July at 10-11 am: We have a virtual coffee morning planned with the lovely Isabelle Lamy who is a declutterer and home organisation expert. Please read more about what Isabelle does and what she will cover during her talk.

Do you want to enjoy a more peaceful life at home? Say bye to clutter and hello to home organisation.

Nowadays, clutter can creep very quickly in our homes. Besides the visual impact of things lying around, chaos has many other negative consequences on the way we live, particularly on our stress level. So, to improve our wellbeing, going through our belongings might be the right decision. But once the decision is made to tackle these little (or larger) spots of clutter around our home, some questions might arise. Where shall I start? How to proceed? Sometimes people feel overwhelmed before even starting.

During this virtual but very practical session, Isabelle Lamy (Decluttering & home organisation expert) will share the steps and tips she uses with her clients that help keep clutter at bay.

As with all our talks, through the KinderGifts’ platform, we will be fundarising and Isabelle has chosen the charity COSMIC that supports Children’s Intensive Care Unit at St Mary’s Hospital.

To join our talk and make a donation, please use the RSVP link below.

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