Weekly & Monthly SCHEDULE

Our WEEKLY schedule is here and for our MONTHLY schedule, please scroll down.


Please note that since our local Carluccio’s closed on Christmas Eve 2017, we are currently only doing Thursday coffee mornings at 3 House Club.

Thursdays – when there is NO themed coffee morning:


Anya of 3 House Club is doing a special offer for NW8-mums (and you don’t have to be a member of the club!) where mums can spend time in the 3 House Club downstairs cafe and soft play/toys’ area every Thursday morning between 10-12. This a great place to have a coffee when your children get mobile as they can enjoy the soft play and toys while you relax with your coffee.

All coffee mornings are very informal settings. Some weeks there are just a few of us and other weeks plenty. Stay for the whole time or just for a few minutes. Especially if you are new to the area, or are a new mum, everything feels easier once you know a few friendly faces. Just turn up and see who is there.

I will be at coffee mornings when I can and look forward to seeing you!

Anya of 3 House Club and I are organising more themed coffee mornings. I haven’t yet had the time to amend the NW8-mums website, but please check the 3 House Club website for now.




Thursday 14th June at 10.30 am-12.30 pm: After a successful Welcome to the Area Event last autumn, Perfect Cuppa English, 3 House Club and NW8-mums are delighted to organise another FREE Welcome to the Area Event which takes place at 3 House Club on Thursday 14th June at 10.30 am-12.30 pm. From how the healthcare and educational systems work here to understanding cultural aspects and much more, we hope it will be not just an informative morning, but also one where you can meet others who are new. It is FREE, but you need to register by emailing 3 House Club.




  • Thursday 28th June: Coffee Morning at 3 House Club at 10.15 am-11.30 am. We often run over so if you are keen on all topics, please note we may well only finish closer to 12 noon. This week’s themes are listed below:

    1) Magus Education – overview of childcare and the school system in the UK; 

    2) Rivka Mennesson, Psychotherapist will talk about post-natal anxiety and how it reflects in mum-child attachment style.

    3) Eliana Beeson,  a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant, helping families establish healthy sleep habits for their children and get them to sleep better and longer.

    If you would like to join with your baby or toddler, the event is free and open to everybody, but please RSVP info@3HouseClub.com. Babies and toddlers are welcome, and 3 House Club is breastfeeding friendly.


We have many things in the pipeline and we get up to a fair amount of impromptu dinners and other social events, so please be in touch should you like to be on the newsletter email list.

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