It’s great to be an NW8-mum.

This is the friendly forum for mums and dads living in St John’s Wood. NW8-mums started as a Google group in 2009, and the actual website was launched in spring 2013, with the aim to help bring together mums and dads in the NW8 (and surrounding) area.

For a new mama with a newborn in tow or a toddler strapped to her leg, it can be daunting to go out and meet people. Also, for a dad who is on paternity leave, it can feel both isolating and scary. Don’t worry though. Lots of us feel this way.

I hope that NW8-mums will become a haven, a place to connect with other parents and find advice, recommendations and support. NW8-mums aim to inform you about local events, organise meetings, social events, playdates, first-aid courses and more. I run several WhatsApp groups too so please get in touch with me if you would like to learn more about them.

If you are of a certain nationality and would like to meet others with the same background, or if you are worried about your English, please email me NW8mums@gmail.com so that I can connect you with someone in the group. The members of NW8-mums come from all corners of the world and are very welcoming.

Please click here to sign up and receive my NEWSLETTER where you will learn about activities, local issues and much more. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook.

Please note that NW8-mums is in the process of restructuring and there are changes ahead. If you run a business and would like to advertise or collaborate, please email hello@nw8-mums.com.



I am deeply honoured to have been awarded a Certificate of Merit from the British Citizenship Awards for the work I do with NW8-mums after being nominated by my mums.

There are now three active FB groups: NW8-mums Nanny Search & Share Group, NW8-mums FB Group and NW8-mums Buy and Sell Group all of which you have to ask to join. There are also WhatsApp groups, so please be in touch to join the conversation!

For information about our weekly meetings, please CLICK HERE or go to Activities incl. weekly meetings and scroll down to see what we get up to and to learn about special events in the area and nearby put on by NW8-mums or others.


The ultimate local mum-preneur Annabel Karmel and I at the big event at 3 House Club that I put on together with ParentVille and 3 House Club in May 2016. The lovely Annabel told us of how she started, and spent lots of time signing her new book Busy Mum’s Cookbook and other books she brought along.

For classes and other activities for mothers and children, go to Local Knowledge incl. services & classes for mums and babies and look at the drop down menu. There is lots of information there, and I add things as I hear of them, or experience them myself.

If you need assistance on schools’ admissions or simply want to understand how the system works, NW8-mums now has its separate educational consultancy Magus Education and we help parents from all over the world. We would be delighted to help you too!

Please let me know if there is anything I am missing that you would like to see featured. NW8-mums welcome ideas!

Karin x


The lovely St John’s Wood High Street.

The NW8-mums.com website was launched in March 2013. It is constantly being updated, however things change and I don’t always get notified.

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